Rabbis for Obama: Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb, Rabbi Brant Rosen, with
Ayatollah Bojnoordi from 2008 trip to Iran. Photo from Shalom Rav blog

Rabbis for Romney: Rabbi Yehudah Leib Ribiat (right) gives a Daf Yomi shiur to members of the Lakewood Kehila attending the Republican National Convention in Tampa

President Obama’s re-election campaign announced last month the launch of “Rabbis for Obama,” a group whose stated goal is to rally grassroots support for the President in the Jewish community. The announcement came amid reports that Jewish support for Barack Obama, while still strong, is dwindling when compared to his numbers in 2008; as well as some hard-hitting ads for GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney targeting Jewish concerns, especially regarding support for Israel. [click to continue…]


Occasional contributor Joel Mowbray ( has filed a report on the Democratic primary contest this coming Tuesday in New Jersey’s Ninth Congressional District. The contest pits two incumbent Democrats against each other.

June 2, 2012

Joel reports:

Because of redistricting, Rep. Bill Pascrell (D, NJ) is running for re-election this coming Tuesday against a fellow Democratic incumbent Congressman. Pascrell’s slogan: “100% New Jersey Fighter.”

Given his troubling associations with Muslim figures who have espoused fiery anti-Israel rhetoric and turned a blind eye to Hamas sympathizers, though, it’s hard to tell against whom he’s actually fighting. [click to continue…]


Two days before Teaneck municipal elections, Councilwoman Barbara Toffler, who is running for re-election, was accused of going up to a private home in Teaneck and taking down campaign signs promoting two of her opponents, Mayor Mohammed Hameeduddin, Teaneck’s first Muslim elected official whose close relationship with the Jewish community has been highlighted as an example of interfaith relations at its best, and Mark Schwartz, a member of the Teaneck Planning Board, president of Cong Shaare Tefillah, and treasurer of Yavneh Academy in Paramus, who is running for a first term as councilman. [click to continue…]


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