By Sharon Gordon

Published January 2013

Editor’s note: Ms. Gordon wrote this op-ed in 1999, which is when it appeared in The Jewish Voice and Opinion, shortly after a JCC in Los Angeles was attacked by an antisemitic gunman who came looking for blood.

I am a Jewish mother whose child attends a Jewish day school in New Jersey. When I first heard about the carnage in Los Angeles at the Jewish center, I thought that it could have been my child. Along with the rest of the country, I am horrified at the attempted massacre by the neo-Nazi monster Buford Furrow. Unfortunately, this type of violence is hardly a rarity nowadays.

Much attention is paid to the notion that such horrors can be prevented, primarily by eliminating the tools of destruction. Certainly, keeping guns out of the hands of dangerous madmen is one important step. Background checks on gun sales provide that safeguard. Had Mr. Furrow tried to buy a gun through legal methods, he would have been justifiably denied.

Unfortunately, homicidal maniacs rarely concern themselves with legal niceties. They obtain their guns through illegal methods. We must accept the reality that such people live in this country, plotting episodes of destruction and mayhem against not only Jews, but Christians and athletes (Columbine), whites (Long Island Railroad), blacks (Howard Beach), Mormons (Salt Lake City) and financial workers (Atlanta). There is no telling where the next tragedy will strike.

Protecting the Children

We must protect our children; all our children. My solution may not be a popular one, but it is a real one, a practical one, dealing with the reality of the madness that more and more evil people are acting out today.

The solution is clear, yet it is a politically difficult one. [click to continue…]


If your cable TV company carries Current TV, it is very important to ask the company to drop the station now that it has been bought by Al-Jazeera. Time Warner dropped Current TV as soon as the sale was made public. All other cable providers should do so as well, and you can help make sure this happens.

Start by issuing a complaint, but remember, when you call the company, the first person to whom your call is directed may not be the proper person at all. Politely but insistently go up the ladder of authority and ask to speak with a supervisor. Remember: everyone you speak to has a supervisor. Keep climbing until you reach receptive ears.

Current TV may be part of the package you are currently receiving. When you tell your cable company you do NOT want Current TV coming into your home, they probably will start by telling you to drop the package. But there is no reason to drop the other stations in the package that you still want. Further, it is important to tell the company that merely blocking Current TV is not enough.

You want Current TV removed from your system, and you are willing to call repeatedly to get this to happen. Even if you do not watch the channel, the fact that your household receives counts towards the total number of potential viewers, affecting the influence and advertising value.

Be sure to tell your cable company that Time Warner dropped Current TV. Your cable company can and should do this, too.

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By Susan Rosenbluth,

The Jewish Voice and Opinion
November 2012

The difference between President Barack Obama’s and Republican Governor Mitt Romney’s policies and feelings towards Israel were apparent, when Mr. Romney was asked during one of their debates how he would handle a “surprise attack by Israel on Iran.

It was a scenario the Obama administration had prepared for in public, with various players and spokesmen emphasizing that they would be livid and there might be a price Israel would be forced to pay.

On the other hand, Mr. Romney told the moderator he was not concerned, because the hypothetical could not happen. “Our relationship with Israel would be so close, there would be no way or reason for us to be surprised,” he said. [click to continue…]


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